Global Depository

Gain effortless access to international capital opportunities with GDR issuances supported by us.

Issuing GDRs often requires specialist knowledge to navigate multi-jurisdictional regulations and market practices. Partner with our expert GDR team to unlock global opportunities.


Our services/solutions are flexible, customizable, and cover all your needs from start-to-finish.

Project Management
Manage, maintain, and expedite mission-critical projects with TOPPAN Nexus’ 24/7 project team. Streamline version control management with our bespoke systems.
Typesetting & Quality Assurance
Ensure the highest accuracy of your financial content with our professional typesetting and formatting services, all with stringent quality assured.
Translation Services
Preserve multilingual precision of your content with our in-house specialist linguists, enabled by secure proprietary AI solutions. We ensure confidentiality through our ISO-certified processes.
Enhance the impact of your financial content with powerful visuals and clear communication with our award-winning in-house design teams.
Print Production
For your complex articles, leave the printing and distribution to our veterans.
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the Charge

We are the first company in the Hong Kong financial communications solutions industry to support a GDR filing in the SIX Swiss Exchange. We ensure our clients can capitalize on first mover advantages from regulatory developments.


As a reflection of the commitment to our work and culture we have qualified for and been awarded several certifications.

ISO 9001
The international standard for quality management systems (QMS). ISO 9001 provides a framework for organizations to establish processes that consistently deliver products and services that meet customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction.
ISO 27001
The international standard for information security management systems (ISMS). ISO 27001 helps organizations manage and protect their information assets, ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability.
ISO 17100
The international standard for translation services. ISO 17100 ensures the provision of high-quality translations by setting standards for translator competence, project management, quality control and other aspects of the translation processes.