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We deliver world-class talent and tech-driven processes to empower you to overcome complex work and tight deadlines with accuracy, precision and security.

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When it comes to translation services, quality, speed, and accuracy are of paramount. With 30 years of financial translation experience, at Toppan Nexus, we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional quality, speed and accuracy to our client.

Toppan Nexus owns the largest translation in-house team in the industry. All our experienced linguist possess subject matter expertise in specialized fields of content. Our linguist undergone a rigorous vetting process and demonstrated mastery of the language pair they work with.

This depth of linguistic and domain knowledge allows our translators to produce content that is not only professional, but also contextually tailored and technically accurate. The projects we handled are handled end-to-end by our trusted in-house team.

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Artificial Intelligence

At TOPPAN Nexus, we leverage on self develop cutting-edge translation technology to maximize consistency and efficiency. Equipped with decades of data and highest standard of security, our technology is specually designed to customize the workflow of financial market.

Our technology allow linguist to ensure strict quality control at every stage of the project, so you can trust that your translated content will read as if it was originally written in the target language.

Speed is also optimized in our workflow to deliver translated content, without compromising quality, our linguist, who couped with self proprietary technology are skilled at rushing to tight deadlines.

Accuracy is the most critical, especially for publication content such as financial and legal. With AI technology, we operate under extensive quality assurance processes to ensure that every translation is 100% accurate and true to the source material.

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Experience the power of our Cloud Technology for financial document processing, featuring XBRL and CSRM integration. Our platform streamlines the processing and reporting of financial data, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and efficiency. Ideal for managing complex financial documents, it leverages advanced technologies to optimize your workflow and enhance data integrity